Why contract the services of sellers and buyers of UnicBegur?

Because we are real estate market professionals with 30 years of experience.

Because we have been professionals in the construction sector since 1986.

Because we help you throughout the entire buying and selling process, whether you are a seller client or a buyer client.

You will not have to pay anything until the operation is formalized. We work successfully.

When you're trying to buy or sell a home, you may think it's best to do everything yourself. After all, you know the specifics of your neighborhood and how much your house is worth.

You know what you can afford and how much you want to spend on a new home.

But do you know all the legal obligations to which a real estate transfer is subject? Do you have any idea of the risks you expose yourself to by doing things on your own?

To help you throughout the entire process and add value to your property, and to advise you on the best purchase or sale option and avoid problems and unpleasant surprises, we want to be at your side.

We provide more efficiency, eliminating steps and shortening time, so you will require less effort to achieve the common goal.

We will give you the most realistic valuation of your property and we will help you get the best possible offer if you are a seller.

And the lowest price if you are a buyer. With greater security.

We will save you time and money searching for your home.

We are part of a network of chartered professionals who work together to help clients find the right home, negotiate the best deal, and close the purchase.

We will apply the Home Staging marketing technique to make your home more attractive, helping you in its renovation and preparation to attract the greatest number of eyes and dazzle the highest bidder, in order to get the most out of it, get the highest price and sell or rent it. as soon as possible.