Are you a buyer?

Services for buyer clients

We help you find the house of your dreams.


  • Providing legal security and transparency throughout the process.
  • We will offer you only what is optimal for you.
  • We adapt to your needs, without false expectations.
  • Registry and cadastral verification of ownership and charges.
  • A price that satisfies the seller's aspirations and attracts the buyer's interest.

We help you

  • We help you with the adaptation and setup of the home. A good presentation of the property facilitates and speeds up the sale.
  • Marketing plan in the best real estate portals.
  • Adding value to your property.
  • Differentiation from the rest of the properties.
  • We collaborate with other agencies, networks, collaborators... We will keep you informed at all times.
  • Permanent contact.
  • We manage all the necessary documentation.
  • We take care of obtaining all the documentation external to the property.
  • Free occupancy certificate and energy certification with exclusive.
  • Negotiation of the conditions (with your knowledge) Management of procedures with a Notary.
  • After-sales services.

We bring you value

  • Tips for treatment and improvement of visits.
  • Preparation of the home for visits.
  • Open house.
  • We help you with decoration for better advertising, interior design, homestaging...Photographic and video report. Edition.
  • Housing dossier (photos, characteristics, surfaces, urban planning information,...)
  • Poster in housing.
  • Posting on social networks.
  • DNI or other identification documentation of the owner or co-owners (all).
  • Property deed (Deed of sale, inheritance...).
  • Simple registration note (preferably registration certification). Ownership and charges.
  • Cadastral certification. (Reference value…).
  • Last IBI receipt (cadastral reference). Property address.
  • Certificate of habitabilityCertificate of energy efficiency of the home.
  • Certification of the ITE (Technical Inspection of the building), if required.
  • Plans (if available).
  • Municipal certification of urban planning regime (If available).
  • If there is a community of owners:
  • Certification of being up to date with payment of community fees.
  • Sale price and real estate agent fees.
  • Deposit contract, reservation contract, etc.
  • Calculation and settlement of municipal capital gains.
  • Election of Notary, provision of all required documentation and support until the signing of the CV contract.
  • Moving, change of service address...